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ooc; I’m gonna finally put this muse back into gear! I feel a bit bad that I suddenly up and left, but…I’m gonna try and take a stab at being my favorite Pokemon character once more~ I miss Pokemon so much, and it seems unfair that I should discourage myself from roleplaying someone who I treasure so much… ; W ;

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so i heard you like to twerk it


"Come again? I do not quite understand what you mean by ‘twerk.’ You use it as a verb, so I am guessing that it is some sort of action, or other…?"

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♛ ʀєρʀiєvє.


Touya lowered his gaze, feeling unsurprisingly sombre as he listened to his… friend. Friend? Was N even his friend? He couldn’t tell, they weren’t even supposed to be talking right now. As much as he would have liked to be friends with N, just thinking about Team Plasma revealed such a big gap between them that he wasn’t sure if he could conquer it. Maybe a friendship between them was never meant to be, as depressing as it sounded.


“I still want to… try and understand your way of thinking better, N,” he replied quietly, a little above a whisper so he couldn’t even tell if the other was listening. “And then I’ll hope to make you see my worldview too.” It was rare that he spoke of their differing perspectives in such a way, but Touya couldn’t help it. He could try as much as he wanted, he was already too involved in this mess — now he simply had to make the best of it.

Seeing the other’s smile, he felt relieved to know that he had said the right thing. Chuckling lightly, he shook his head, unable to accept N’s thanks. “No, it’s all right. You’re already going out of your way to go with me,” the boy explained with a soft smile, giving his own words more emphasis with a short huff. “I can imagine that your… peopl won’t be happy to hear about it. So it’s only fair that I consider your feelings, too.”

Maybe it wasn’t very smart to be so… friendly to his supposed to be enemy, but N had never treated him poorly. The least he could do was to return the favour, after all.


“Listening to you makes me really wonder what the Chargestone Cave is like,” he brightly smiled, before he laughed lightly. Even if N rambled on and on, it wasn’t unpleasant to him. He could feel the other’s compassion for Pokémon and how much he cherished them. Although he couldn’t deny that he felt a little jealous when faced with N’s understanding for these creatures, he also liked to see the young man so happy. And that only happened when he was talking about Pokémon. …kind of a pity, he would have liked to make N happy, too. “Don’t worry, I really don’t mind,” he laughed lightly, before a startled yelp escaped him as he was dragged along by the older teen.

It took him a few moments not to stumble over his own feet, as he tried to keep up with N’s enthusiastical steps. However, once he had steady footing, he glanced up at the other. “A-and you really don’t mind calling one of the Pokémon out?” he enquired shyly, but curiously while they approached the entry to the cave. “As much as I’d like to see them, I wouldn’t want to bother them, you know! The Chargestone Cave is their home, after all. We’re already intruders, so… yeah.”

He had heard Touya mutter something under his breath before he had practically dragged the boy up by sheer force. For the time being, however, N had decided not to ask what he had said, seeing as how the next sentence that had left the boy’s lips sounded quite promising. So he was trying to share the pain, then?  That was a nice gesture of him, to try and avoid battles in exchange for a future suffering. And N was sure to make the most of their journey to Milstraton City — he was just hoping time wouldn’t pass by too quick.

Avoiding the leery-eyed Trainers in the tall grass, N had successfully dragged his human accomplice to the foot of the cave. As the two stepped inside the wide holed entrance, they were met with an absolute blue. Gems glowed and sparkled in between gigantic boulders that sent out electric shocks whenever something went close to it. Obviously, the shock wasn’t anything too deadly; but hanging around it long enough was sure to cause some sort of pain after a while.

Just when N was about to take a few more steps inside, he came to a sudden halt after hearing one of Touya’s insecurities. A Trainer that didn’t want to see Pokemon? He sure was awfully considerate…! By the way he was suggesting not to conjure up his friends, it almost sounded as if Touya was beginning to understand what he thought — about knowing how to leave Pokemon in peace, and to go as you pleased. And yet…


"But I want you to see them, Touya,” he said, turning around to face him in full. “Because I…” His sentence drifted off, not knowing how, exactly, to formulate the words that were bubbling up in his throat. His expression softened then, his eyes half-closed in thought. “…Because I trust you.” There, he said it; the four words that were sure to send his father into a fitful rage if he ever found out. Though Touya wasn’t bad — at all, even. Surely the Trainer wouldn’t do any harm to the Pokemon should N call out to them. 


And without further ado, N took a few steps forward before crouching down the gray soil around them. He only waited a bit, silent, before a small Joltik popped out from under the ground, its beady blue eyes blinking back up at the greenette. Satisfied in finding his friend that he had talked to from before, N swung his head around to look at the Trainer who stood idly behind him. “Why don’t you come and say hello to it? He’s very friendly…!”

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♛ ɴew ʏeαʀs.

He had little knowledge of what human holidays were. His father had steered him far away from knowing anything about such festivities, for the only thing N would ever be allowed to revel would be the day when Pokemon and humans would be separated forever. That day, however, never came — and N was relieved that such an erroneous decision had been foiled by a certain ponytailed Trainer. Speaking of such a Trainer, said girl was supposed to be here, in her hometown.

Now, trekking across fresh snow, N had made his way through the blistering December winds to see the girl for himself, after two years. And as he passed through dimly-lit streets, he was beginning to wonder about her. About what she looked like. How she was doing. What she was doing…and perhaps, if she still knew him — and would still accept him after leaving since that time. Seeing the girl’s name and her family name on one of the mailboxes, he stepped up slushy steps and gave the door a brief knock. And when it opened, all N could do was rehearse what he had practiced ever since he had made his journey back to Unova.

"Hello again…Touko." he began softly, his words coming out as a white puffs of cold smoke. N ducked his head lightly in greeting, tipping his hat as he would any stranger off the street. "It has been quite sometime since I’ve last seen you…hasn’t it? You’ve seemed to have grown so much these last two years!" A soft laugh escaped his lips as he extended a hand out just above her head and pretended to estimate the difference in their own heights before pulling his hand back to his side. "You have most certainly grown — both in stature, and…heart, I am sure."

His small smile, however, soon faded as he saw a wide array of steaming dishes placed on her dining table. N canted his head, trying to get a peek at what was going on inside. Perhaps she had company? No, maybe…she was with her family. Suddenly feeling a bit intrusive, N drew back, his head facing the wooden planks of Touko’s front porch. “I…do hope I haven’t interrupted anything. You seem quite busy — perhaps I will come back…later.”

But exactly when would be ‘later,’ seeing as how it had been two years since he’d seen the heroine?